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Child Custody

To overcome misconceptions about Texas child custody, there is one fact that must be understood: The goal is to reach an outcome that is in the best interest of the child. The needs of the parents are secondary in the eyes of the court.

At Diaz & Jakob, PLLC, our lawyers will work with you to determine what truly is in the best interest of your child. Factors that will be considered include each parent's involvement in the child's life up to this point, distance between parents and potential dangers to the child such as parental drug or alcohol abuse. We understand what needs to be looked at and we know how to present a compelling case to do what is best for you and your child.

Both Parents Should Play A Role In The Child's Upbringing

Child custody can be confusing. You may have heard terms like sole custody, joint custody, physical custody, legal custody, parenting time and parenting plans. While these terms may play a role in your case and our San Antonio child custody attorneys will take the time to educate you about them, what is most important to know is that, barring extreme situations, the expectation will be that both parents will share custody of the child.

The child's time may not be divided 50-50, but that is often a good starting point. We will help you reach child custody and visitation arrangements that make sense, taking into account unusual situations. If you are in the military, travel frequently for work or plan on moving away, certain accommodations may need to be considered to ensure that you get to take part in your child's upbringing. We have the experience to deal with unique scenarios fairly.