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Child Support

Texas child support guidelines are in place to help determine how much child support payments will be. The primary factor used in these guidelines is the income of each of the parents.

At Diaz & Jakob, PLLC, our lawyers understand that a formula is only as good as the numbers entered. Our role is to make certain that income numbers are accurate so that child support payments will be fair. It is important to understand that child support is not intended to benefit the payee, but to ensure that the child has the necessary financial support.

Beyond The Child Support Guidelines

The child support guidelines are not always appropriate. For example, the guidelines are not designed to handle high-income situations. Additionally, the needs of the child may dictate deviation from the guidelines. If a child has special needs or extraordinary medical expenses, standard child support payments may not be enough. Our San Antonio child support attorneys take care to calculate fair payments for unique situations.

When Do Child Support Payments Stop?

Typically, child support payments stop when the child reaches 18 years of age. In some cases, parents may agree on prolonging child support until the child is out of college, or arrangements may be made for coverage of college expenses. We will make certain that no potential issues are overlooked when calculating child support.