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Criminal Law

Diaz Jakob, LLC, features a criminal defense attorney who has tried more than 100 cases to a jury verdict and is licensed in Texas and California. Kenneth Eric Baker has tried numerous, serious felony cases as well as misdemeanors. You can consider it your proof that you have enlisted a lawyer who can defend you against even the most serious criminal charges.

What Crime Have You Been Charged With?

Our San Antonio criminal defense attorneys can handle all misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal courts. We frequently defend against:
  • Charges of White Collar crimes
  • Murder and manslaughter charges
  • DUI/DWI (drunk driving) charges
  • Drugs and narcotics charges
  • Assault charges
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Theft charges
  • Fraud charges
  • Sex crimes

We can also assist you with potential expunction of criminal records and nondisclosure orders.

When The Time Comes To Fight

We are proud of the reputation we have earned as Texas trial lawyers. While our skill in working with prosecutors to potentially obtain dismissals or plea bargains is valuable, we know that often a more aggressive approach will be necessary.

From the very start of your case, we will prepare for trial. We will listen to your side of the story, investigating and gathering evidence to support your case. The law is clear: You are presumed innocent until proven guilty otherwise. Still, we know how hard prosecutors work to prove otherwise, and we will work just as hard to maintain your innocence. We will be prepared to argue in front of a judge and jury to see that justice is served, and we will hold prosecutors and police accountable for any infringements of your constitutional rights.