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Court orders pertaining to child custody and child support are not permanent. They can be modified if any of the parties involved has encountered a material and substantial change in circumstances.

At Diaz & Jakob, PLLC, our Texas lawyers work quickly to seek modifications to court orders obtained after a divorce or a paternity action. While it can be tempting to reach verbal agreements about changes to child custody arrangements, for example, it is important that orders be altered to reflect those changes. This ensures that you are protected against allegations of contempt of court and against enforcement actions. We will advise you of your rights and guide you through the change process.

Child Custody Modification

Requests to change child custody orders are often the result of life changes such as remarriage, the birth of a new child or new jobs. One parent may want to move away with a child, and the relocation request will require creative custody arrangements to ensure that the parent who remains behind will still be involved in the child's upbringing.

In some situations, requests to modify child custody may be necessary due to potential child endangerment. Perhaps one parent has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, or has become involved with someone who presents a threat to the child's safety. Regardless of the situation, our San Antonio divorce modification attorneys can help.

Child Support Modification

More often than not, requests to change child support payments are the result of an employment-related issue. Perhaps the payee has lost his or her job. Perhaps the payee has been promoted or given a substantial raise. Whatever the case may be, changes in income may need to be reflected in child support payments. We will see that they are.